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Husband Of Missing Woman Still Has Hopes

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The husband of a missing Michigan City resident spoke out about his ordeal since his wife vanished last year. David Morris spoke with police yesterday about the investigation of his wife’s disappearance and soon after he spoke with Lakeshore reporter Renetta DuBose about the public ridicule he has endured after Candi Brown Morris dropped out of sight eight months ago.

“I love my wife.  I would like nothing more than for her to come home,” said David Morris.

The last time Morris saw his wife Candi, she was going back to her job to complete paperwork. The last time he saw her was August 25th of last year.  Since then, Morris and Moms On A Mission, a LaPorte Co. group dedicated to aiding in the search for missing mothers, have organized large scale searches for Candi.  The 29-year-old mother of three was last seen as she dropped off a friend.  Her car was found at Three Sheets Bar and Grill.  Morris said the recent discovery of human remains near the town of Pines could start answering questions in the case.

“I can’t grasp the concept of how did we miss that?” Morris said.

Unidentified human remains near County Line Road were about a quarter of a mile from where the search for Candi Brown Morris ended before temperatures dropped.  She also used her cell phone in the area.

“The message was typical. She did not sound scared. She sounded normal,” said Christine Salzer, Moms on a Mission Founder.

Salzer said the Facebook page created to help find Candi has actually fielded more rumors and gossip.  The group welcomes tips and agrees that a few have helped.  Distractions, however, continue.

“It’s like playing a game of telephone. By the time we get the information it is far fetched,” said Katrina Croy, a volunteer with Moms on a Mission

Morris has become frustrated by the accusations that have also come from his wife’s disappearance.  Though still sensitive, Morris is also mourning the recent death of his girlfriend Anna Reeves, a woman who also was looking for his missing wife.

“This is a person I loved as well. She worked harder than anybody to find Candi. She was on the phone with detectives everyday. She cared for Candi’s kids like they were her own. To those people on the outside looking in, it’s not what it seems,” Morris said.

Morris still has hope that Candi will return home.

“Her kids love her, she has a sick mother who loves her and despite what people think, her husband loves and misses her.

Candi Morris was wearing an ankle monitor when she disappeared, but her husband said the agency reported that the battery died the day before she went missing. 

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