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House Approves Guns-On-School-Property Bill

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March 4, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting–


The House Monday approved legislation allowing Hoosier gun owners to keep a gun in a locked car on school property. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

The legislative language authored by Seymour Republican Representative Jim Lucas would allow licensed gun owners to keep a gun locked in their car on school property. Students would only be allowed to store guns in a locked car if they’re a member of a shooting team and have permission from the school principal. Gary Democratic Representative Vernon Smith says he thinks a person has a better chance to cool off if they would have to go home to retrieve a gun:

If I just go to my car and get my gun out of my trunk or out of my lockbox or out of my glove compartment which has been locked, then I’m probably not going to be as rational as I could possibly be if I had a chance to cool off.”

But Lucas says current law puts law-abiding citizens in situations where they could unintentionally commit felonies. And he notes more and more Hoosiers are getting gun licenses:

These are common, everyday, peaceful, sensible people that just want to be able to defend themselves. This bill gives them a common sense solution of how to store their firearms on school property.”

The bill is likely headed for conference committee for the House and Senate to work out differences.


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