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Hotel Arrest in Child Crime Case

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October 15, 2013 — Michigan City Police are releasing some details today about an arrest at a casino hotel involving an apparent child crime.

They say casino and gaming security worked with police as they arrested 18-year-old Daniel Ivan Cabrera-Pozadas after breaking into his hotel room, where they found a missing 11-year-old girl.

Police say the child’s rescue started last Wednesday, October 9, when Michigan City Police were dispatched to Blue Chip Casino’s hotel, where they met Indiana Gaming Commission agents and Blue Chip security to locate an 11-year-old girl reported missing Michigan.

Michigan City Police Chief Mark Swistek says that law enforcement went to the room, where police did not get cooperation from the room’s occupants, so police forced their entry into the room.

He says that police then found the missing girl in the company of Cabrera-Pozadas, both with minor injuries, and the girl was transported to a hospital and interviewed by police.

Swistek says, “There was an indication that there may have been sexual activity that occurred in the room, and Cabrera-Pozadas was taken to the Michigan City Police Department where he was charged with Child Molesting Class B Felony in Laporte Superior Court #1.  Cabrera-Pozadas was later transferred to the hospital for treatment.”

He says the case investigation is ongoing, including two states and several law enforcement jurisdictions, with more charges possible.


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