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Hospital Cut-Backs Become An Industry Standard

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look at the flaws in Indiana’s Domestic Violence law with Lisa Wein of Haven House and Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter.

Host  Mayor Tom McDermott on where Democrats may turn now that John Gregg has bowed out of a second bid for governor. Should Democrats wait for Evan Bayh? Should they wait for the mayor of Hammond.

Franciscan CEO Gene Diamond talks about why the hospital system is laying off 275 workers. They’re only the latest among Indiana’s large hospital chains to announce cut-backs. We’ll talk to him about the health of Indiana hospitals.

All that and 30 Rocks’ Judah Friedlander has a new show.

Guests include:

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott

Judah Friedlander

Lisa Wien Haven House

Bernard Carter Lake County Prosecutor

Gene Diamond, CEO of Franciscan Alliance’s Northern Indiana Region


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