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Hoosiers Try To Balance Over Budget

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October 1, 2013 — As the nation’s governmental budget lapsed at midnight, funding only “essential services” such as military and entitlement programs today, Indiana’s delegates to Congress are waiting for a proposal to extend the budget that can get agreement from nation’s leaders.

The budget expired at midnight without an extension after attempts to pass a continuing resolution to keep the budget, and the federal government, operating normally.

Conservative members of Congress are stalling action on a resolution to continue the federal budget.  They want a budget that defunds President  Barack Obama’s healthcare program.  The Congress has discussed a measure that would extend the federal budget for 45 days.

Indiana Senator Dan Coats told Lakeshore that while he wants to find alternatives to “Obamacare,” he does not support tying it to a budgetary continuing resolution.  U-S Representative Pete Visclosky says that Obamacare is the law which has withstood dozens of challenge votes, dreading the political stalemate that allowed the budget to expire.

Coats says he supports a House plan to defund Obamacare  if the measure keeps the rest of the government running.  Visclosky says he regrets that some colleagues seem to have forgotten that we are elected to govern and compromise.

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