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Hoosiers owe BMV millions in unpaid fees

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An agency official at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles says Hoosier drivers owe the state agency about $130 Million dollars due to uncollected insurance fees.  Elizabeth Murphy is the general counsel for the BMV.  She told lawmakers at a meeting of the Interim Study Committee on Insurance the money is owed from as far back as 19-93.  Murphy says the uncollected fees have averaged from $11 million dollars to $13 million dollars over the past few years … and this year to date the amount is up to $11.4 million dollars from fees due to failures to provide proof of insurance.  As a result, Murphy says more than 300,000 people may currently be driving on suspended or expired licenses.  She says some may not be driving at all because the state does not allow residents to renew their driver’s licenses until they pay any fees owed to the state and prove they have car insurance.  Lawmakers are discussing options including enhancing penalties for unpaid fees in order to reduce the number of uninsured motorists.



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