Hoosier Senator Joins In On Farm Bill Debate

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Senator Joe Donnelly Wednesday emphasized the importance of passing a long-term farm bill that not only provides help to the agriculture community but also helps reduce the deficit. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:



The 2008 farm bill expired in January, though Congress quickly extended it to October. A five-year farm bill passed the U-S Senate Agriculture Committee last week and Senator Joe Donnelly says he’s hoping it will hit the Senate floor soon. The Senate version strengthens crop insurance, which Indiana Farm Bureau President Don Villwock says is the most important component:


Not only for individual farmers but for our lenders that actually go out on a limb and lend agriculture producers anywhere now 250, 500 thousand, a million dollars plus to put out the crops each spring…those loans would be reduced, to say the least, if we didn’t have crop insurance.”


Donnelly says the Senate bill reduces the national deficit by 23 billion dollars…and that’s accomplished, in part, through cuts to food stamps. He says, as a member of the Senate Ag Committee, he worked to ensure the cuts were strategically made:



We don’t want to ever have a child hungry, we don’t want to ever have somebody suffer because of this, but we want to make sure every dollar’s wisely spent.”


Donnelly says food stamp spending will likely be one of the biggest points of contention between the Senate and House version of any farm bill, as the proposed House cuts are deeper. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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