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Hoosier Lawmakers Start 2014 Session, “Ag Gag” Debate

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January 7, 2014 by Hilary Powell & AP

Indiana lawmakers are returning for busy session, meeting the legislature’s quorum minimum to open its 2014 session today, a day late due to a winter storm delay.

Lakeshore’s Hilary Powell was as the Statehouse when lawmakers started 2014’s short session with a packed schedule, as the House and Senate held their first meetings of the session today.

Two issues are ready to dominate the lawmakers’ 10-week meeting:  the elimination of a property tax on business equipment and machinery and an effort to place the state’s gay marriage ban in the constitution.

Governor Mike Pence is pushing education measures, including a proposal to expand vouchers to teachers and preschool-aged children.

Other issues include a proposal, which has surfaced in a prior legislative session, to outlaw trespassers dubbed by opponents as the “Ag Gag” bill, which had a hearing today.


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