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Homeowners Must Send In Homestead Tax Credit Forms

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Network Indiana’s Mike Corbin reports the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance is sending out warning to Indiana homeowners about the Homestead Tax Credit Exemption….

Local Government Finance Spokesperson Jenny Banks says county auditors across the state are preparing to send out property tax bills, and if you didn‘t mail back that pink Homestead Verification Form, you‘re in danger of losing that deduction.
((“The county auditor is required to notify those taxpayers who have not returned the form for them to verify the information so they can still have the opportunity to file that with them and make sure they are properly being given that deduction.”))
Losing the deduction means your property tax bill might go way up. Banks says now‘s the time to check with your county auditor.  Mike Corbin, Network Indiana.

Banks says the Homestead Verification Form was sent out to homeowners months ago. She adds that homeowners can still get the deduction reinstated if they can prove that they‘re eligible. She also says homeowners who get tax bills can follow up and appeal if needed. Banks says it was only a three year project which is ending this year. She says deductions will continue next year, but the verification program itself is ending after this year.

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