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Home Buyers Would Get Disclosures About Meth In House Bill

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January 29, 2014 —

INDIANAPOLIS – A House committee passed a bill Tuesday that would require meth labs to be included on a disclosure lists for property sales.

The author of House Bill 1141, Rep. Wendy McNamara, R-Mount Vernon, said the bill would also require police departments to adopt guidelines for receiving reports, from a certified inspector, indicating that property polluted by a methamphetamine has been decontaminated.

“There will be a master list of the decontaminated and contaminated properties, which will also be listed on the police website,” McNamara said. “There will also be a disclaimer statement on the website directing individuals to look for the certificate of decontamination.”

After changes to the bill, McNamara said she is pleased with the language.

“It took us a while to get there, but I’m happy that we made the changes and I think we’ve accommodated all the interests and concerns,” McNamara said.

Government and Regulatory Reform Chairman Kevin Mahan, R-Hartford City, acknowledged the hard work McNamara put into the bill.

“Hats off to McNamara for all her time and effort on this bill that deals with this methamphetamine epidemic,” Mahan said.

The bill will now moves to the House for consideration.


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