Hobart Search Ends … Sadly

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August 27,. 2013 — A family looking for a 68-year-old hobart man is now remembering his life instead, grieving tonight after learning the outcome of a search they were hoping would end differently.

Today the niece of Edward Morillon called Lakeshore to see if we could help find her uncle, with police involved in a serious search.  By evening the family found him dead.

Morillon had been with his wife yesterday morning before he went missing.  The family organized efforts to locate him, along with filing a police report with the Hobart Police Department.

Morillon’s grandson Paul Laughead says his grandfather went to the bathroom around 11:30 a.m. yesterday while his wife was making breakfast and never came out.  Morillon’s wife discovered he left out of the bathroom window of their home in the 3800 block of 69th Avenue, “He feels that all of his illnesses are piling up, and he just can’t support my grandmother, and he can’t do things around the house.  So, he just feels like he is a burden.”

Hobart Police Investigation Division Commander Jeremy Ogden says searchers used everything available to locate Morillon, from police dogs to calling residents at home, “Yesterday we had the County helicopter up with flurry unit looking for heat signatures within the fields.  They were unsuccessful in being able to locate him also.  It makes it very difficult with the green canopy and the dense woods so you have to go into those areas by hand.”

Laughead discovered his grandfather in the woods across the street from his home.

Morillon’s wife says the two just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.



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