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Historic Nine-Span Bridge Down To Its Last Span

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Demolition crews are tearing down the last span of the landmark Nine Span Bridge.  Crews have worked non-stop to knock it down and are taking down the last span of the landmark bridge.  The Lakeshore’s Denise Turner got a look at the last section of the 75-year-old bridge and talked with INDOT spokesman Matt Deichley about what the new bridge will look like…..

This heap of twisted metal and hanging span is the last of the Nine Span Bridge. Some residents in the area aren’t for sure if they are ready to see it go.

Matt Papp, Hammond Resident:  It’s fading away, you know, I do um, run around at night and stuff with my son, he does papers and we see one piece gone section by section.

Richard Calvillo, Hammond Resident: I’m glad they’re actually doing something with it because we use it. It’s not structurally sound so to me that’s a better thing.

The Indiana Department of Transportation says ready or not, the last of the spans is coming down.

Matt Deitchley, INDOT Spokesman:  We’ve taken all but one span down, so we’ve been taking the spans down one at a time for the last few months and now we have just one span remaining.

The INDOT media spokesman says the demolition of nine span is on target.

Matt Deitchley:  We are doing well, on budget and on schedule with the project things are moving on really well. So far we have not run into any major troubles.

Denise Turner: Once demolition is finished with the nine span bridge, a new bridge will begin to be built and it’s expected to be finished by the end of 2013.

Matt Deitchley: The bridge has served us, served the communities well, for almost 80 years, but it time for a replacement.

The replacement bridge will look much different from the iconic bridge people have known for nearly eighty years, but hopefully they will embrace this one as much as they had Nine Span.  In Hammond, Denise Turner, Lakeshore News.


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