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Heroin On The Rise In Indiana And Around The Country

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February 4, 2014

Gary is going to get potentially millions to tear down abandoned homes. We’ll talk to the city’s redevelopment director about should stay and what needs to go.

We’ll also take a very personal look at gang life in Northwest Indiana as the Times unveils a series by award winning reporter Marisa Kwaitkowski.

Heroin addiction has been getting a lot of attention nationally. We’ve heard about it for a while in Northwest Indiana. We’ll have two perspectives on the rise of heroin addiction.

We’ll also revisit my interview from last week with the son of an Indiana lawmaker, talking about the proposed Gary marriage ban.

Guests include:

Joseph Van Dyk, Gary Redevelopment Director

Marisa Kwaitkowski

Carmen Arlt, Director at Porter-Starke Services, Inc.

Scott Watson, Heartland Intervention in Indianapolis


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