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Henryville Residents React To Oklahoma Twister

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The recovery effort in Moore, Oklahoma is underway after a tornado devastated the community and killed dozens. As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Sam Klemet reports, the tragedy there is reigniting emotions in one southern Indiana town….

On March 2nd of last year, tornadoes tore through Henryville.

Videos posted on YouTube captured the destruction, which included tearing apart the city’s elementary and high schools. Elementary Principal Doctor Glenn Riggs message to those in Moore is that recovery takes time.

“..and we’re really determined what it will take to redirect, to rebuild, to fill the gap — and even a year later, here ourselves, we’re not whole yet and it is literally probably gonna take a lifetime in many cases.”

No one died in the Henryville tornadoes, which High School Principal Troy Albert says makes it hard to truly understand what Oklahoma families are experiencing, today.

“It’s just totally different from what it was here — here, we were replacing buildings, and you hear a lot of people on the news today saying, you know, you can replace buildings, you can’t replace people.  I sympathize with them right now.  As they move forward with the rebuilding process, which I know each of them will do.”

Both principals say their buildings were as safe as possible and are being reconstructed in a similar way.  The final day at Henryville High School is Thursday and seniors will graduate June 2nd. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Sam Klemet.


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