Heightened Demand For Blood Across Indiana

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July 26, 2013 —  from


INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of Hoosiers have responded to the call to donate blood platelets and certain blood types to the American Red Cross, but the need for more donors is still urgent.


“We are grateful to the donors who have rolled up a sleeve to give blood or platelets to the Red Cross in the last couple of weeks, but our work is not over,” Karen Kelley, communications director for the Indiana-Ohio Red Cross Blood Services Region, said in a statement. “The need for blood is constant. As July comes to a close and August begins, we ask eligible donors to please give blood or platelets as soon as possible.”


Donations in June were far lower than expected, which forced the Red Cross to issue an emergency call. Donations have since increased by approximately 15 percent, but the summer months have only just reached their halfway mark.


This need is more than just statewide; it’s a general issue for the Red Cross.


“Using Indiana as an example: Indiana is served by the Indiana-Ohio region of the Red Cross,” Kelley said. “In that region, the American Red Cross needs to have 500 donors each day –500 is a large amount. There has been a 10 percent drop in blood donors. That’s 50 donors. Fifty is a lot when we’re talking about people who need blood.”


Those with O negative, B negative and A negative blood types are the most encouraged to donate. O negative is the most universal blood type, with A negative and B negative blood types providing the ability to be transfused to Rh positive or negative patients.


“The need for blood is constant,” Kelley said. “For example, platelets are needed by those who have cancer. We all know or have known people who had cancer. That’s how serious this is. We are trying to save people.”


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