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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What was your best – or worst – Valentine’s Day? Did you meet your mate on this special day? Did you have a bad break-up? Does this, ahem, holiday mean anything at all to you?

On today’s special Valentine’s Day-themed Casual Fridays Radio Show, Karen and I will also share everything and anything related to romance, relationships and even to those who couldn’t care less about the so-called “holiday.” Plus, trivia, facts, myths and more.

For example, Is Your Inner Child Keeping You Trapped in a Bad Relationship?

Based on new research, love and marriage in the traditional sense may be taking a hit since people are confused about cheating and dating. If you think you know what it means to be unfaithful, see how your definition stacks up with National Science Foundation funded research and the new survey.

As a holiday that has long been marketed toward couples as a once-a-year testament to their love, Valentine’s Day can be very difficult for singles. Alternatively known as ‘Singles Awareness Day’ (SAD), people’s negative feelings have manifested within popular culture, including internet memes, blogs and even the 2010 film “Valentine’s Day.”

Also, do you REALLY know who your date is? According to background checking website there is good reason to be paranoid. As cases of identity fraud grow the world over, the founders of the site argue that you can never be too careful about making sure the people around you are legitimate. We’ll chat with Erik Knight, creator of

And whether you’ve been with your sweetie for a few weeks or 15 years, the rules and etiquette around gift giving can seem confusing. We recently spoke with relationship expert Ashley Howe to get her advice on Valentine’s Day gifting etiquette. We’ll share a few tips for banishing awkward gift giving exchanges.

Relationship Wreckers: 10 Faults Lethal to Your Love Life. And we’ll tell you which warning signs to look for if your suspicious of a cheating mate.

Plus, can watching romantic movies with your wife save your troubled marriage? A study found that viewing five films a month, with ­relationships as their main focus, can get couples through rocky patches and could even cut the divorce rate in half.

All that and more!

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