Hammond and Highland remember 9-11 victims

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Nearly 50 Hammond and Highland businesses along a-two-and-half mile stretch of Kennedy Avenue are remembering the victims of September 11th 2001. Drivers who drive up and down Kennedy Avenue in Hammond and Highland might catch a glance at signs and marquees that say “never ever forget 9-11.”  The creator of the idea is Neighborhoods Incorporated.

Keith Speaks, Neighborhoods Inc. says, “This is one of the most horrible tragedies ever in American history, especially in the last 50 or 100 years.” Keith Speaks of Neighborhoods Inc. says the signs are a way to remind people to remember the attack on 9-11 that killed nearly 3000  Americans.

East Chicago resident, Benjamin Cabrere says, “We never forgot what happened, the devastation, the hurt, the loss.” Christopher Castillo of Hammond says he was saddened by the attack, “The people, they didn’t deserve to die, to me that was cold blooded, the way they did them.”

Speaks also says he hopes this statement will draw the community closer together, “We’re here on Kennedy Avenue, and we have all our business friends, we do business with each other all the time, why not try and get something together that will lift our spirits and give up more unity?”

Dairy Queen Employee, Meghan Furdeck says she was 11 years old when 9-11 happened, she says she remembers feeling helpless.  She says now … seeing the signs … she feels secure. “When I found out they were doing this, it kind of just touched my heart that we still thrive, we are Americans, we thrive.”

And, that was Neighborhoods Incorporated’s message, to get people to remember what happened September 11th 2001 and to know that Hammond and Highland residents will never forget.


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