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Hammond Mourning Three Children Killed in Fire

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January 9, 2014 by Denise Turner

Tonight, Hammond is mourning the loss of three young children, ages four, three and six months.  Hammond firefighters found them as fire victims in the 600 block of Sibley inside a rental house near the front door.

Hammond Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Margraf says his crews fought the fire as flames shot out of windows.  He says they had trouble entering the front door because of furniture blocking it.

Margraf says the father and two siblings of the children survived the fire, though the man suffered third-degree burns over 20% of his body.

Margraf says when the fire was under control firefighters found the other children, “All the situations firefighters see themselves in on a daily bases, this is the one that’s probably going to leave the greatest impact on them.  They have children, they have grandchildren, and when you see obviously 3 small children perish in a situation like this, it’s just really unfortunate.”

Margraf says a family who lived in the upstairs apartment unit escaped unharmed.  He says the first floor apartment where the fire started did not have gas or electricity service, and he believes the family was possibly using a space heater to keep warm.

The father of the children was in critical condition, the two surviving children were listed as being in good condition tonight.



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