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Hammond Mayor Steps Down As Lake Dem. Party Chair

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May 19, 2014

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott is stepping down as head the Democratic Party in Lake County. Host Steve Walsh talks to him about his next move.

Gov. Mike Pence wants to expand the number of people with health insurance by asking the federal government to accept his plan for revamping the state’s healthy Indiana Plan. We’ll break down the details.

The state’s entire congressional delegation is asking the IRS to look into cases of fraud impacting Indiana doctors.

Also, as a number of school superintendents move around or retire, Valparaiso hires a familiar face. We’ll talk to Ric Frataccia.

Guests include:

Tom McDermott, Lake County Democratic Party chairman and Hammond mayor

Julie Reed, Indiana State Medical Association

Brian Tabor, Indiana Hospital Association

Kosali Simon, health economist with Indiana University

Ric Frataccia, Portage school superintendent, incoming Valparaiso School superintendent


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