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Hammond Mayor on Bennett emails: “It calls the whole system in question”

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August 7, 2013 –

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott talks politics, income tax and police protection. On the former Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett email scandal, McDermott said “we’ve had Lake County officials indicted for much, much less.” The Indiana Department of Education is reviewing the state’s grading system for schools, after emails from 2012 were revealed last week, where Bennett implores his staff to change the state’s A through F grading system, when a prominent Indianapolis Charter school run by a prominent donor, received a C grade under the new system. McDermott  said Hammond Academy of Science and Technology was in similar circumstances, but the Department of Education under Bennett refused to change the local charter school’s grade, which dropped from a C to an F.

Hammond and Lake County officers teamed up to tackle an alleged sex trafficking in Lake County over the weekend. Host Steve Walsh talked to Theresa Flores, a victim herself, who founded- Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution and Abby Kuzma, deputy Attorney General and member of Indiana Protection of Abused and Trafficked Humans.

How much is a train worth? Michigan City has been trying to convince the South Shore to not leave their slowly revitalizing downtown. We talk to Mayor Ron Meer.


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