Halloween Safety Tips Not Tricky

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October 28, 2013 — Lake County’s Department of Homeland Security is sharing reminders about public safety related to Halloween.

As the end of October approaches, emergency medical services across Indiana are inviting Hoosiers to have fun and be careful this Halloween season.

It suggests that people to be careful when driving on Halloween, going slowly and lowering radio volume to hear activity outside.

It also suggests pedestrians use flashlights or glowsticks and wear light-colored, reflective clothes when trick-or-treating, always walking on a sidewalk or on the far edge of the road facing traffic.

It advises that parents should help children remove any makeup before bedtime to avoid eye and skin irritation, while cautioning against eating too much candy to avoid stomach aches.

The Indiana Department of Homeland offers more Halloween and fall safety tips at

DHS wants parents to accompany kids as they trick-or-treat, helping them stay away from lit jack o’
lanterns, luminaries, and any house that is not well lit or has a cluttered walkway.  It also wants parents to ensure children walk—not run—to each house.

It asks parents to attach bright, reflective tape to childrens’ costumes and candy bags to make them more
visible to drivers.

DHS directs drivers, especially in residential areas, to drive slowly and be on the lookout for children darting into the street.

While preparing for the night with jack o’ lanterns, DHS Emergency Medical Services advises people to draw the face or pumpkin design with a marker first, then let an adult do the carving.

Other preparations include attaching reflective tape to childrens’ costumes and candy bags and testing childrens’ makeup on a small area of skin in advance, and removing it to avoid eye and skin irritation.



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