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Guns In Schools Issue Heads To Study Committee

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 The most controversial portions of school safety legislation requiring armed personnel in Indiana public schools have been removed from the bill and sent to a summer study committee. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:


The Senate version of the bill encouraged, but did not require, schools to hire school resource officers – trained law enforcement with extra training to work in a school environment. A House committee added a mandate for all schools to employ protection officers, a staff member – such as teachers and principals – who would carry a gun. A later change allowed schools to opt-out of the mandate. The full House Thursday voted to amend the bill, sending the mandate and the school protection officer language to a study committee. Valparaiso Republican Ed Soliday says the legislature wants to improve school safety:

  “But we don’t want to hurt someone with an unintended consequence so the right thing to do is study it thoroughly, send it to a committee with people who have expertise and let’s do the right thing.”

 The amendment passed unanimously. The bill will be up for passage in the House Monday. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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