GSA Donates Laptop Computers

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Lake Ridge school students can learn through more innovative ways, thanks to a major technology donation from the federal government.  The Lakeshore’s Renetta Dubose has more on how this gift of technology will help propel Grissom Elementary School students to the next level…..

Karen Freeman-Wilson to student: What’s that owl talking about?   Student: A story!

Renetta Dubose:  Miss Savage’s first grade class at Grissom Elementary School is now learning how to read from a virtual chalkboard…a laptop computer.

Karen Freeman-Wilson: President Obama has some individuals who care about Grissom school.

The elementary school located in the Black Oak section of Gary now has 57 laptop computers donated by the U.S. General Services Administration.  Regional Director Ann Kalayil says the computers for learning program stems from her department’s sustainability goal…which aims to resale or give away gently used government items.   The donation came after Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson petitioned the federal government for help bringing more technology into classrooms.

Ann Kalayil: Because of her vision and President Obama…

Freeman-Wilson: Corn, Ore, Store…

Students in this first-grade class will use a reading program called Compass.  Principal Cassandra Cruz says the goal is to prepare students for reading with phonics and phonemes …all crucial for this stage in learning.

Cassandra Cruz: They’re learning how to put together words….they may know words later if they miss this step, but it will be a weak foundation and they might fall back.

Principal Cruz says more than half of the computers donated are ready for use.  She says a math and language program will operate on computers in higher grades.  Since the Lake Ridge school board voted to close Grissom School, the laptops will follow the teachers to Longfellow…where most students will also attend.  in Gary…Renetta Dubose…Lakeshore News


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