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Griffith Businesswoman’s Death Under Investigation

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The murder of an elderly Griffith businesswoman remains a mystery for police.  Investigators are looking into the death of a 76-year-old Saint John woman found dead inside a vehicle at the Majestic Star Casino property in Gary.  Renetta Dubose reports…

Renetta Dubose:   Loved ones and friends of 76-year-old Mary Austgen are still in shock, after police found the St John woman’s body inside a car at the Majestic Star Casino parking garage in Gary.  Police spokeswoman Corporal Ggabrielle King says Austgen was reported missing to Griffith Police around 4:30 Thursday afternoon.  It is unclear whether Austgen was the owner of the vehicle, but relatives who declined to speak about the murder on camera confirmed she resides in the 91-hundreds block of Maple Drive in the Edgewood subdivision in St John.   In addition to her home in St John … Austgen is the owner of Austgen Properties in Griffith and Cedar Lake Mobile Home Park.  Little is known about Austgen’s personal life, but the woman who manages her Cedar Lake Mobile Home Park described her as a mother figure who was a wonderful person.  A maintenance man for all of Austgen’s properties says the two were close for 15 years and were good friends.

At this point police are still investigating the homicide.  I would like to reiterate that police found Austgen’s body in Majestic Star Casino’s parking garage … but it is still unclear where she was killed and why.  Renetta Dubose, Lakeshore News


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