Governor Offers Selection Criteria For Next Auditor

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July 9, 2013 —

Governor Mike Pence says he will choose as the next State Auditor someone who will do more than just serve out the remainder of current Auditor Tim Berry’s term. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:



Pence last week named Tim Berry as his choice to become the Indiana Republican Party’s new chairman. Once Berry is – as expected – officially elected by the state party executive committee later this month, Pence says he will begin the search for a new State Auditor. And he says Hoosiers deserve someone who can immediately step into the position:


Serve in that role in what would remain of Mr. Berry’s term but also have the opportunity to stand for election to that position in 2014.”


State Auditor was going to be an open seat next year, as Berry was term-limited. No one – Democrat or Republican – has declared their candidacy for the position. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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