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Governor Calls First Indiana Career Council Meeting

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July 30, 2013 —

Governor Mike Pence says most of the work the newly-formed Indiana Career Council will do in its first few months consists of compiling information on the state’s existing workforce development and job training efforts. As Indiana Public Broadcasting Brandon Smith reports, the council will have to do more than just gather data by next July:



As he chaired the Career Council’s first meeting Monday, Governor Mike Pence emphasized the council will not just be a discussion group – it is required by statute to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for coordinating the state’s job and skills training initiatives by July 1, 2014. He says that work begins by evaluating what the state is already doing in those areas:


And then look for ways that we can amplify what’s working and essentially realign and reorganize our whole system of workforce education around what works.”


To begin that effort, the Career Council approved the Indiana Inventory of Job and Career Training, which it’s required to compile by August 1. The comprehensive list of existing job and skills training programs uses reports from a variety of sources including the Commission for Higher Education, the Department of Workforce Development and the Economic Development Corporation. Council member Neil Pickett says the group’s first product bears out the challenges in compiling that information:

 “Just by looking at the Inventory, you can see that they’re prepared differently, they use different categories of data and I think it would make sense and it behooves us going forward to produce an Inventory that’s more standardized, that’s more easily searchable and clearly lays out what we’re doing and where we’re spending our money.”

 The Council’s first major progress report is due December 1st and Governor Pence says he’ll assign members homework at the group’s meetings to make sure the council is prepared to move further forward each month. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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