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Governor Asks Obama To Support XL Pipeline

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April 22, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting — Governor Mike Pence sent a letter Monday urging President Obama to approve the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, calling it a project “whose time has come.” Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

The State Department last week announced its decision to extend – indefinitely – its review of the project, a more than one thousand mile crude oil pipeline from Canada to the U-S. The Obama administration cited a Nebraska court case that could reroute the pipeline in its decision to delay. But Governor Pence says it’s important to approve the project now:

It has broad bipartisan support in the Congress of the United States. It’s going to mean jobs in this country and it’s going to add to an energy infrastructure that will continue to contribute to our energy independence.”

Although Keystone doesn’t go through Indiana, Pence says the project will provide an economic boost for the state. He notes that the Hoosier manufacturing industry builds large truck engines, pipe controls and other products that will be used both in construction and operation of the pipeline.


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