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Google Brings Global Marketplace to Merrillville

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December 6, 2013 — Dozens of Hoosier business owners are taking their businesses to a new stage, even a global stage, with the help of Google.

Today those business owners got the opportunity in Merrillville to create a company website and a customized domain name. They also received one-on-one attention from trained instructors.

A hot dog business owner and an event planner are just a couple small businesses represented at Google’s “Indiana Get Your Business Online” program.

Google spokesperson Melissa Nitti says the company wants to help business owners get online, and Indiana’s U-S Senator Dan Coats supports Google and its efforts, “The proof is in the pudding.  That room is just stacked full of people representing their business and wanting help to get into the digital age.”

Nitti agreed, “So they can take advantage of this incredible base of customers who are looking for goods and services through the internet.”

Nitti says plenty of businesses miss out on business opportunities because customers can’t find them, “So many small businesses aren’t on the web.  It’s remarkable to many people that more than 50% of American small businesses still have no website.”

Owner of Events by Jenn, Jennifer Cosenza, says she already has her event planning business online.  She enrolled in the program because she wants to make her business more marketable, “Using things like keywords, understanding how measures and tracks their websites is really important to me so I can appear within their search results.”

Nitti understands the importance of the online jumpstart, “Businesses learn a host of skills today and get a host of resources.  Many of them will actually set up and publish their very first website in the course of a couple of hours.”

A few hours packed in a conference room at the Radisson will hopefully bring a host of new customers to many expecting business owners, such as Cozenza, “I think I feel smarter about understanding about key words, understanding about the tools Google can provide me as a business owner to take a look at my metrics.”

By Denise Turner


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