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Gary Youth Learn About Summer Jobs

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Gary’s Mayor sets her sights on breaking a record, after accepting a challenge issued by the National Mayors’ Conference.   Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson says she plans to answer the youth employment challenge by finding summer jobs for as many young adults as possible.  The Lakeshore’s Denise Turner has the story.

Kids are filling out applications by hand and on the Internet.  And then . . . they stand in line for an interview and possibly a summer job.

Gary youth: So I have my own money in my pocket instead of asking my mom for money….I have to make some money for some family needs.

Young people between the ages fourteen and 23 are getting this one stop opportunity because of a challenge Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is answering.

Dr. Jeff Wilson, Site Supervisor for City of Gary Youth Services: There’s a youth employment challenge, it’s a national challenge through the United States Conference of Mayors the Mayors has entered our city into and this is in response to that challenge.

There are a couple guidelines the mayor must meet. for example … young people must enroll in the Gary Works program and live in Gary.

Dr. Jeff Wilson, Site Supervisor for City of Gary Youth Services: Our goal for today is to hire and employee as many as 500 youth through this fair.

Those hired will be paid seven dollars 25 cents per hour along with a lifetime of experience.

Raven Skinner, Job Hunter: I would like to be in a restaurant so I can get the experience, because when I grow older, I want to be a pastry chef.

James Shumaker, Job Hunter: I came here for a job really for nothing more just get the experience interviewing and interacting with employers.

Doctor Jeff Wilson says Gary has organized job fairs … but he believes this one is the most organized for both job hunters and employers.

Dr. Jeff Wilson: We’ve brought all the employers to one location so our youth can come to one site for all the jobs.

The challenge is a win-win for both Gary and young job hunters.  In Gary, Denise Turner, Lakeshore News.


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