Gary “Strong Cities” Symposium Focuses On Improving Gary

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July 23, 2014 — The Associated Press — Technical experts from across the country offered their input yesterday on a federal initiative that’s aimed toward making Gary a vital city.

The first day of the two-day “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” symposium focused on economic development, transportation, public health and housing.    The Obama administration named Gary to its “Strong Cities” program in January, and with it comes an infusion of federal assistance aimed at revitalizing targeted communities.  Gary is one of 22 cities in the program.

The city is focusing on the Horace Mann, Emerson, Aetna and Miller areas, along with University Park in Glen Park.  Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said developers will be invited to an August 7 conference to learn about potential projects.   Much of the federal push is about finding ways to turn liabilities, such as brownfields, into assets.


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