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Gary Police Probe Three Murders After Deadly Day

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December 2, 2013 — Today, Gary police are investigating three separate murders involving bodies found this morning.

Police say the homicides happened overnight, leaving victims at three different locations after a deadly day.

Gary police say they responded early this morning to shots fired at the 6200 block of west 29th avenue.  Bullet holes still riddle the home where a man lost his life.

Police believe the death is the result of a botched home invasion and they have identified the victim as 22-year-old Rolando Correa of Gary.

“There actually is a person of interest being detained right now,” says Gabrielle King, spokesperson for the Gary police. “I don’t know if it is actually going to pan out that he is going to be a suspect or not.  But he was here.  They took him into custody earlier today.”

Police also found bodies today at the 3000 block of Georgia Street and the 1900 block of Pennsylvania Street.

So far, police say there is no tie between each crime.

A local youth pastor who did not want to be identified on camera, says beefing up police patrols in this area could help keep streets safer.

“There has been too many kids shot,” the pastor says. “There needs to be more patrol.  Even if it is just ordinary citizens driving these squad cars. Just a presence is going to make a big difference.”

The pastor says he owns the property where the shooting took place and says the shooting victim leaves behind a family.

“Two years old, and he’s got a two week old daughter, too,” he says.  “Now they don’t have their father.”

“Guns in the hands of un skilled people end up with having results like this,” King says.

The three victims in today’s killings include shooting victim Correa of Gary, 28-year-old Andre Woods of Gary who was shot in the head and 34-year-old Damian Reedus – also a gunshot victim.

By Hilary Powell


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