Police Reopen Josiah Shaw Murder Case

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September 12, 2013 — The Gary Police Department is re-opening the  case of a 13-month-old boy who was shot in the head five years ago when his mother’s SUV was carjacked.

Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram says his department will take another look at the Josiah Shaw case with the help of the Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force.

The Gary Police Department and the Northwest Indiana Major crime task force are working together to solve the five-year-old murder case of 13-month-old Josiah Shaw.  VP and spokesperson for the NWI Major Crimes Task Force Robert Byrd says, “We usually don’t work cold cases.  We’re a hot case squad if you will, that comes in and assists the requests of agencies with murders … however in this case, and the fact that it was a 13 month old that was slain.”

Josiah Shaw’s mother and grandmother say their family appreciates the renewed attention to the case. His grandmother Donna Shaw says, “We are glad that they have all come together because we would like to have some justice.  It’s been 5 years since Josiah has been gone from us, and it does bother us that nothing had seen like it was being done. So we’re glad they have decided to open the case back up.”

The mother of Josiah Kwana Shaw says, “They don’t normally do cold cases.   For them to all come together and actually vote as a whole, to come together to take on this case, I’m really grateful, really appreciative.”

Byrd says, they will first review every document collected five years ago, and “Because of the timelines involved, we’re going to go back and start re-interviewing everybody, look at key components of the investigation that stood out the most.”

Prosecuting Attorney Bernard Carter says the public can help give the Shaw family justice by contacting the Gary police department with leads.  Carter says, “Justice needs to be done, and we’re asking anyone in the community who has any information pertaining to the death of this child, please come forward and provide that information.  I don’t care how small it is, it may be very beneficial to our investigation and very beneficial to us bringing justice for Josiah.”

Byrd says he is hopefully his squad can bring closure to the Shaw family regarding the murder of Josiah.  Lake County Prosecuting Attorney Carter says there is a $10,000 reward.


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