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Gary Police Check Car, Offered a Crack Pipe

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October 31, 2013 — The Gary Police Department says its officers arrested a man — after he offered them a crack pipe.

Gary Police Corporal Gabrielle King says police arrested 59-year-old Napoleon Wilson for outstanding warrants and his passenger for possession of paraphernalia last night.

She says that’s when officers patrolling the Glen Park area kept seeing a white Kia that stopped in front of an abandoned house and parked with lights off.

King says that as officers approached the vehicle to find out what was going with its occupants, the driver handed them a glass pipe commonly associated with smoking crack.  She says at that point officers got both the driver and the passenger out of the car and ran their information through the computer system, which identified the driver as Wilson, who also had four active Gary city warrants.

King says the passenger was in possession of a crack pipe and was arrested for possession of paraphernalia.


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