Gary Legislator Calls For Purdue Trustees’ Resignations

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July 24, 2013 — INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A Democratic state lawmaker wants Purdue University’s trustees to resign after they approved a bonus for President Mitch Daniels amid questions about his commitment to academic freedom.

Rep. Charlie Brown of Gary questioned the “collective sanity” of the board Tuesday after it voted Friday to award Daniels more than $58,000 for his first six months on the job.

The vote followed revelations that Daniels tried to keep liberal historian Howard Zinn’s work out of Indiana K-12 classrooms while governor and wanted to ensure it didn’t count toward teacher training credit.

Daniels ordered staff to “disqualify the propaganda” used in teacher preparation courses in emails obtained by The Associated Press. He says he wanted to keep Zinn out of K-12 and fully supports academic freedom.

Daniels appointed most of Purdue’s trustees.



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