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Gary Ends Wate Managment Contract

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September 24, 2014 — The city of Gary has tossed their relationship with a refuse company.

Mayor Karen Freeman Wilson’s staff released a statement Tuesday:

“Yesterday, during a special board meeting convened by the Gary Sanitary District, the Board of Commissioners voted to terminate the contract of Waste Management. The separation of this relationship was made after a string of events including diminished services by Waste Management during winter months, lack of responsiveness to residents’ complaints and overall poor service.

As Mayor and Special Administrator of the Gary Sanitary District, it is my duty to represent and, quite frankly, fight for the best interests of Gary residents. For months, we have called on Waste Management to address the mounting concerns of inconsistent garbage pickup and in some areas, absence of pickup. Their failure to act led to the decision of this board to exercise an option contained in the District’s contract with Waste Management to terminate the contract for convenience and seek services from a new provider.

In a few weeks, bids will go out to secure a waste collection provider that can meet the needs of our community. In the interim, we have taken steps to ensure that there will be no interruption in service; however, there may be instances where the trash pickup day may change. In the event of any changes, notices will be sent to all impacted residents. I thank the citizens of Gary for voicing their concerns and for your patience.”

Source: Office of the Mayor


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