Gary Contracts With Humane Society Calumet Area

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October 3, 2013 — The Gary Animal Control Division is partnering with the Humane Society Calumet Area in Munster to assist with the intake of animals.

The agreement announced yesterday comes only 90 days after Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson released a contingency plan to deal with the stray and abandoned animal problem…. since its own animal shelter needs replacement and the city can’t afford to build a new one right now.

The mayor said she believes that this plan will bode well with the animal advocate groups that have expressed concerns about the care and safety of the city’s animals.

Gary Animal Control will transport animals to the Munster facility on West 45th Street and and city government will pay the Humane Society 50-dollars per animal per month for services performed. The Humane Society’s 50-dollar feral cat fee will be waived.

The city of Gary’s contract with Humane Society Calumet Area is thru the end of 2014 but can be extended, and is for a maximum of 82-thousand dollars a year.


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