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Gary City Council Starts Year with Fees

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January 1, 2014 by Hilary Powell

The City of Gary is getting right to business for 2014 on the first day of the year, having its first meeting of the new year.

The Council’s reorganization meeting at City Hall involved fiscal changes for 2014 that affect Gary residents, starting today.

Council memberMary Brown said, “It was for fees and that kind of thing, so we needed to get that passed before January 1 because some of the fees would become effective January 1.”

Whle some residents were celebrating the holiday, the council met Monday for a special meeting to approve some city fees, effective today.

Councilwoman Brown is the chairperson of the Council’s finance committee.  She says the fees increases were overdue,  “This was like the entire city so to speak. You know, we generally do not do fees in one large conglomerate like this, like we’re doing now.  Naturally there were going to be some questions, you know, some things are not clear on.”

A looming question concerns a fee proposed for the parks department.  A suggested fee would see a $30 application charge for a block party permit.  Brown says the committee will table some fee talk until its meeting January 7.

The Council retained Ronald Brewer as its vice president, and he says the important issues for the new year are not yet clear, “Right now, there’s nothing really boiling on the table that I’m looking to get into, but just keep trying to do a good job in the city.”

Sixth district council member Ronier Scott was sitting in his official chair, and his name and picture still appear on the council’s website, but there was no mention of his current standing at the meeting.  Federal court records show that Scott pleaded guilty to not filing tax returns for 2008 and 2009.

The business of the day included an official nomination and re-election of Council President Kyle W. Allen, Sr. and Vice President Brewer.


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