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Gary Bishop Watches Papal Selection Process

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Catholics around the globe are focused on the election of the next Pope of the Roman Catholic Church … which officially began Tuesday at the Vatican.  Renetta Dubose talked with Gary Diocese Bishop Dale Melczek about the first day of the Conclave, and the process of electing the next Pope…..

Renetta Dubose: Those attending Mass at the Diocese of Gary and around the globe have all gone in prayer to ask the Father for his help in guiding the world’s 115 Cardinals in electing the next Pope.  Bishop Dale Melczek  is keeping a close eye on the Conclave in Rome through his daily Vatican communication.  He says the Cardinals will take a plethora of traits into consideration … including age … health and whether the Pope can relate to his own Diocese.

Bishop Melczek: I think the first questions that we grapple with is should it be an Italian because the pope besides being the vicar of Christ and also the successor of Peter is also the Bishop of Rome.

The Conclave started today … more than two weeks after the retirement of Pope Benedict the 16th … now called Pope Emeritus … due to health.

Melczek: The Cardinals had mass … praying for wisdom of Holy Spirit.

Bishop Melczek says the Cardinals go into the Sistine Chapel for multiple days until one of them receives 77 of the 115 votes.

Melczek: White smoke will come out of chimney of the Sistine Chapel if there is a pope elected … grey smoke if it is not.

Once elected … Bishop Melczek says the new Pope will receive the traditional garments and announce his name.

Melczek: The senior Cardinal will ask the person do you accept the election … what name.

While not committing to any of the Cardinals on the short list for Pope, Bishop Melczek says the possibilities include three Americans,  A European or someone from South America or Africa.

CNN reported that black smoke emerged from the Sistine Chapel chimney … indicating that no Pope was elected on the first ballot.


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