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Gary Author Addresses Real Violence with Fiction

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By: Hilary Powell

From a little girl in love with literature to a lawyer now tackling community issues, Tracy Coleman’s affinity for fiction is now a daily reality as a lawyer who moonlights as an author.

“I do some criminal law, I do family law, and when people need my help I do my best to help them,” Coleman says. “When I graduated from Valparaiso Law School, I knew I wanted to serve my community. And I’ve always been troubled by crime. Because growing up in Gary I just knew that crime was not normal. It’s just not something you accept.”

She spent five years as a deputy prosecuting attorney with the Lake County prosecutor’s office. In her spare time, the Gary,Indiana attorney wrote a legal thriller “Murder Capital” about a fictional crime-ridden city, Gomor, Indiana.

“The title murder capital in itself inspires conversation because when people ask me, are you talking about my community, then I have to ask them why would anyone identify their community as a murder capital?”

She says many people compare Gomor to Gary, Indiana. In 2013, Gary had the nation’s highest murder rate among small cities according to the FBI. Coleman says there’s a lesson behind the book’s label.

“It’s not about designating them or stigmatizing them with a crime, but to figure out how you solve crime problems when they’re in a concentrated area,” she says. “It’s a battle cry that we have to address it. And that’s where a fictional book that hopefully people find entertaining we can look at different issues.”

The book took her 20 years to write, but says it reflects real-life issues of her beloved city.

“To be able to live in a community that I so love very deeply, Gary, I get to walk in footsteps that were made before me,” she says.

Coleman says she has a happy ending for her readers: There will be a sequel to her book this year.


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