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Gaming Commission Chief Speaks To Gary Chamber Of Commerce

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The state’s gaming commissioner came before a crowd hungry for information on how the state’s casinos are affecting local business.  Ernest Yelton was the keynote speaker at yesterday’s Gary Chamber of Commerce monthly networking event.  Lakeshore News reporter Denise Turner has more on how the casinos impact business… and how businesses can play a big part in the gaming industry…….

There was a lot of handshaking, passing out business cards and networking. casino executives and business owners filled the room at the Steel City Buffet and Grill in Gary to hear what the Indiana Gaming Commission’s Executive Director Ernest Yelton had to say about gambling and revenue..
Ernest Yelton, Executive Director of Indiana Gaming Commission: It’s been a very positive influence on the business community in Lake County.

Business owners say this is good news.

Lisette Gardner, Business Owner: A lot of that money does comeback into the community particularly with so many boats we have around us.  We have several options, so it is important to see who is working with the communities and we do know from experience that some put more into the community than others.

The Mayor of Gary stopped by and says it would be difficult to miss the significance of seeing the state’s top gaming leader mingling with business leaders and casino executives.

Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor of Gary: It’s also important for the business community to understand that Gary is important enough, that majestic casino is important enough, that the Gaming Commissioner is willing to come up and provide a report to Northwest Indiana in the city of Gary.

The Commissioner is responsible for 13 Indiana casinos which he says are financially sound despite experiencing a short-term setback  during the recession.

Ernest Yelton:There has been a sufficient amount of job opportunity, economic growth and money that pours back in the city and into the county that can be used in many aspects primarily for economic development.

In Gary, Denise Turner, Lakeshore News.


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