Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

From Urban Exploring To Mad Men

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Attention urban explorers, NWI history buffs, and adventurous photographers: On today’s show, we will explore the rising trend of Urban Exploration – aka Urban-Ex – by chatting with two local explorers and gifted photographers – Cindy “Cüpcake” Bean and her husband Larry.

 The Lakes of the Four Seasons couple is in the studio and they will tell us what it’s like to explore old buildings, ruins and abandonments in Gary while taking amazing photos along the way.

Also, Jerry’s very interested in an upcoming day-long conference next Tuesday – called “American Teens in Crisis: Teens Under Stress” – hosted by A Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH, Inc.) at Strongbow Inn in Valpo.

It’s designed to equip, empower and encourage parents, educators, counselors, youth workers, clergy and anyone who is a part of a youth support system.

Later in the show we’ll chat with PATH’s exec director Donna Golob, who actually had to use the SafeTALK training that will be featured at the conference by helping a teenager who was contemplating suicide. She’ll tell us what YOU need to know about this issue and this conference.

And, FINALLY, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning and OUR favorite TV show is back on the air, starting this Sunday night – “Honey Boo Boo”. JUST KIDDING.

No, it’s ‘Mad Men” of course and we’ll give you our personal preview of its final season, complete with an audio recap of last season, plot predictions, and our special guest, Martin Olesky from The Lakeshore’s “Ad Men” show. 

Will Joan and Don get together in the end? Will Peggy Olson triumph? Will Roger Sterling die? Will Don find eternal redemption or emotional damnation? Will it wrap up all nice and tidy or in limbo? We’ll discuss the possibilities.


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