Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

From Silence to Gambling to Italian Beef

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On today’s show, What’s it like to hear again after decades of severe hearing loss? It’s a gift from God, says the Rev. Tom Shanahan from United Methodist Church in Crown Point, who just recently regained his hearing, with some mortal help from Kevin Hand. Today, Shanahan can hear birds singing, his granddaughter’s first sentences and even the once-silent sound of his golf club hitting the ball on a putting green.
Both men are in our studio and we’ll tell Lakeshore listeners how Kevin – and God – delivered the joy of hearing again to Tom.

We’ll also chat with Jesse Howard, a 51-year-old Northwest Indiana gambler who became an addict, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars through the decades. How did the disabled Army veteran afford it? He begged, borrowed, lied, cheated, stole and swindled. And he should probably be in jail, he openly admits. We’ll talk with Jesse about his addiction, how it began, why he did it, and what other gamblers should know before heading to the casino boats here.

Plus, we’ll revisit our newest feature, the Region Festival Roundup because it’s festival season and we give you the skinny on them throughout the summer.

And we’ll touch on abortions in Indiana, the shooting death of Archie, the best beef sandwich in the region, the state’s $2 billion reserve, the redneck mafia and more. All this on today’s jam-packed show.


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