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Four Arrested For Merrillville Youth’s Shooting Death

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(Police photos of suspects Kevin Dale Brown, Joshua Nathaniel Addison, Anthony Paul Addison Jr. and Matthew Knight) (from Blog of Crime blog site)


Four men have been charged with murder and felony gang activity, in last Wednesday’s shooting death of a 14-year-old Merrillville boy.

Depree Mims was watching a movie with his family in the living room of their Marshall Street home when six shots rang out and one of them hit Mims in the head.

Charged in Lake Superior Court were 16-year-old Matthew Knight of Merrillville, 18-year-old Kevin Brown of Merrillville,  21-year-old Joshua Addison and 22-year-old Anthony Addison Junior,  both of Gary.

Police said the shooting was apparently part of a gang initiation.  According to court documents, the Addison brothers picked up Brown and Knight, and Brown was told that if he wanted to join the gang he was to shoot at the house as they drove by.


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