For Sale In Aetna

For Sale In Aetna: Seeing Gary’s History Of Blight Through One Neighborhood

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During 2014, Lakeshore Public Radio and Regionally Speaking have been visiting one Gary neighborhood with a long history of burned out and abandoned buildings, to look at some of the problems and potential solutions to blight.

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Aetna: A History Of Blight

March 3 2014


Getting to the heart of what it takes to revive an aging neighborhood has been a challenge for communities around the country. Regionally Speaking is beginning a series, which zeroes in one neighborhood that is being targeted with new round of state and federal aid after years of neglect: The Aetna neighborhood in Gary.

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Fed Up With Neighborhood

March 13 14  5:31

Aetna Part 2

We continue our series looking at the challenges of reviving Gary’s Aetna Neighborhood with a look at how Indiana’s tax sales potentially adds to the loss of property value, and the rising number of abandoned buildings. There are efforts underway to reform the system. In fact, a bill passed this session with bi-partisan support.

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For Sale In Aetna

April 30 2014 4:29


We’ve been looking at the problem of reviving neighborhoods which have been historically devastated by abandoned properties — by zeroing in on one community -Gary’s Aetna neighborhood. It is difficult to drive more than a block in Aetna without seeing one or more abandoned or burned out homes. Even so, that doesn’t mean no one is buying.

Aetna risk of fire

Risk of Fire

July 3, 2014 8 minutes


Gary has just been awarded more than $6.6 million in federal funds to tear down abandoned homes. City officials concede even that amount won’t be enough to clear away decades of neglect. Bulldozers alone are also unlikely to stop the cycle of burned out and abandoned houses that litter some neighborhoods. In Aetna it is hard to go for more than a block without finding a former home decimated by fire, and the list is growing. As part of our series on Aetna, The Lakeshore’s Steve Walsh looks at why so many homes, not only burn, but linger for years without being demolished.

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The Long Road Home

December 28, 2014

Aetna Last 12 28 14

Throughout the year, we went into the Aetna neighborhood to talk to the people who lived their about the blight they are living with. Most of the stories never made it into the piece, but they informed our reporting about a fairly average area of the city that has been plagued by vacant and abandoned buildings for a generation.

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