Flood Control Drills Planned On The Little Calumet River

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The Little Calumet River Basin Development Commission is planning two flood control drills at a bridge over the river over the next couple months…the first one coming up on March 20th at midnight.  That’ll be at the Little Calumet River bridge on Kennedy Avenue just south of the Borman Expressway.  Executive director Dan Repay told the Lakeshore’s Chris Nolte they chose midnight for the full-scale drill because it disrupts the least amount of traffic.

Another drill is set for April 12th at a flood control bridge near I-U Northwest in Gary.  The exact location hasn’t yet been announced.

The drills will be conducted by first-responders and crews from Lake County communities along the Little Calumet River and the Army Corps of Engineers that supervised the building of the river’s levees.


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