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Flick Scene Frozen in Time in Hammond

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October 29, 2013 — A piece of Americana now stands in Hammond.

Tonight, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority has a new monument sure to attract attention this holiday season.  The iconic holiday film “A Christmas Story” has a home in Hammond in the form of a life-sized statue.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority honored three decades of the classic holiday movie.  To honor the movie, loosely based in Hammond, Chicago-based sculptor Oscar Leon designed an image of the famously fearless character Flick,  who daringly stuck his tongue to a pole.

The South Shore CVA is installing blooper cams to catch visitors in a dare.

Scott Schwartz portrayed Flick in the movie, and he says the statue is surreal, “Just being a kid from Jersey, I mean, something like this is just beyond words. It’s moving; it’s emotional;  at one point I thought I was going to start crying!”

Jean Howell is the daughter of the man known as the inspiration for Flick.  She says her father never did the infamous lick, “He always claimed he never did!  I gotta believe my dad.”

The bronze replica stands beside the Indiana Welcome Center’s flagpole for movie fans such as Theodore Mamatos to view, “It’s cool because all the people around the world can then come and see it, witness what we’ve witnessed today, and it’s just cool to think about.”

Schwartz says, “What do you say about something that you know is going to be here after you’re gone?  People still appreciate it 30 years later and want to do something like this, not necessarily for me, you know, for Hammond, the town, the building, for Christmas story overall.”

It’s an iconic scene, now immortalized, that will have more than a few tongues talking.

In addition to the statue, the “A Christmas Story Comes Home” exhibit will open Saturday , November 9, at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond.

By Hilary Powell


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