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First Gary Neighborhood Safety Sign Unveiled

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One Gary neighborhood is getting targetted–as a no-crime zone.
Gary resident Ethel Collins is on a crusade to make her neighborhood safe, intending to restore neighborhood safety to all of Gary, “And I’ll tell you this, and I’ll say it to anyone, this place here, to me, is like Sodom and Gomorrah, but I can tell you this, Sodom and Gomorrah are no more.”
Her home now hosts the City’s first neighborhood safety sign, supported by the Urban League of Northwest Indiana. The sign commits Collins’ neighborhood, the Urban League, and police. Lake County Sheriff John Bucich says her efforts leads to, “A safer community for everybody.”
Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram, Sr. says he wants Collin’s anti-crime sign to be the start of a larger community anti-crime effort, “I think if I had a thousand Miss Collins in the City of Gary, I think Gary would be a much safer community and be a more cohesive community, and I’m a proponent of what Miss Collins is doing.”
Collins says she has organized neighbors for three blocks in Gary to work against crime and several attended yesterday’s sign-christening. Collins said, “Well, this sign means a feeling of Hope for the City of Gary, the people, the community. It means that we can make a difference here; we don’t have to live in poverty.”
Gary Mayor Karen Wilson-Freeman christened the sign as a commitment to a safe neighborhood by its residents, police and the Urban League.


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  1. Carol Board says:

    As a Targeted Individual, I would add to that sign, “No Organized Stalking” and “No Noise Campaigns” and no more of these government sanctioned bullying activities…

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