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Firefighters Vs Police Officers

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On today’s show, Porter County Sheriff David “Sweet Pea” Lain and Hammond firefighter Jack Callahan step into the ring, uh, I mean, radio studio to talk about next month’s “911 SlugFest” charity boxing tournament.

The first event of its kind in the region pits police officers against firefighters, with proceeds going to two local families through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Jack Callahan, whose record was 29-3 as a super welterweight, had always marveled at the 911 SlugFest event in the Indianapolis area. He and his wife, Karen, are involved with Make-a-Wish and are spearheading the event.
Also, who steals sacred items and decorations from hallowed gravesites at cemeteries? Apparently, a lot of people, after we heard from a Valparaiso woman whose daughter’s gravesite decoration at Angelcrest Cemetery was stolen not once but twice.
After talking with other cemetery officials, it seems this is nothing new or shocking. As one cemetery GM told me: “One memorial weekend, a man was stealing the flowers that people brought for their loved ones, and then had the audacity to stand outside the gate the next day and sell them to people entering the cemetery.”  Even a jaded skeptic like Jerry is surprised by this.

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