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Fed Plan Lays Out Roadmap For Small Midwest Cities Including Gary

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June 4, 2014

Host Steve Walsh breaks down a Chicago Federal Reserve study which looks at ways to revive the economy of several small Midwest cities, including Gary and Fort Wayne.

States and communities around the country are looking at ways to get former inmates back to work. We’ll look at the campaign to “Ban the Box.”

Governor Mike Pence made offering pre-Kindergarten classes his top legislative priority this year. One lawmaker is now upset that it doesn’t look like the pilot program will be ready in time for the fall.

Gary will close 6 of its remaining 16 schools under a plan passed by the school board Tuesday. We talk to the head of the Gary Teachers Union.

Guests include:

Susan Longworth, Senior Business Economist for the federal Reserve in Chicago and the author of the Industrial Cities Initiative

Joe Zimmerman president of the Gary Teacher Union

Madeline Neighly, staff attorney The National Employment Law Project

Vop Osili, City-County Councilor who sponsored Indianapolis’s ban the box ordinance

Rep. Dan Forestal, D-Indianapolis



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