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Fallout From Tony Bennett Emails

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August 5, 2013 –

On this show, Host Steve Walsh looks at progress being made at a trash to ethanol plant that was once the template for a plant in Florida.

Crime stats are down in East Chicago but violence shot up over the weekend. We talk to Chief Mark Becker.

Speaker of the House Brian Bosma talks about how the resignation of Tony Bennett will touch off an investigation into the state’s A through F grading system.

We also talk to Indianapolis Star Political Columnist Matt Tully about the implications of unfolding scandal that involved Bennett and a series of emails where the state’s grading system was tweaked for a political contributor.

Guests Include:

Matt Tully – Indianapolis Star Political Columnist

Mark Becker – Police Chief of East Chicago

Brian Bosma – Indiana Speaker of the House





8 05 2013


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